Resiliency: Spoken Word and Poetry

RESILIENCY POEMLearning how to cope, Learning how to master disaster/ was a pastor, really was an actor/ Thought I knew resiliency, but revealed to me/ was a dragon sized mythology, to which I swore fealty/ See, I didn’t know what Cam wanted, what Cam needed/ Was told to heal the holes in my heart butContinue reading “Resiliency: Spoken Word and Poetry”


The Ascetic Witness In Race Relations

Metaphors for Life Using the Ascetic Witness metaphor to integrate cultural and theological conversations. Dear JB and the rest of my amazing team,             Thanks again for the space you all hold for me. As an Enneagram 9, I need tons of time to process, and I have tons to say, it just doesn’t allContinue reading “The Ascetic Witness In Race Relations”

9 Line Ministries…Coming Soon!

What Is the Format of A 9 Line Medevac? In short, a 9 line call go’s in this format:  Line 1: Location of pick-up site Line 2: Radio frequency Line 3: # of Patients by precedence Line 4: Equipment Line 5: Total # of patients Line 6: Security at pick-up site Line 7: Method of marking pick-up location Line 8: Patient nationality LineContinue reading “9 Line Ministries…Coming Soon!”